For those who didn’t see the Phillies game last night, you missed what was perhaps one of the greatest foul ball catches in the history of foul ball catches.

During the fifth inning, Carlos Ruiz led off against Arizonza’s ace Dan Haren and fouled a 1-1 pitch back into the stands. A father holding his son (while he’s holding a 64 oz. drink) reaches up and plucks the screaming foul ball with his bare hand, left handed!!!

What was most impressive was the fact that he was holding his frickin’ kid and the kid was holding his frickin’ drink and neither dropped any. Oh and did I mention he did it left handed? And bare handed?

His catch was so amazing, the announcers from the D-backs even joked about offering Super Dad a mock contract. Anyway, enough yapping, check out the clip below.

Source: The Fightins