To celebrate the end of the Lantern Festival, the two week long Lunar New Year’s celebration in China, a magician performed an amazing trick on TV in front of hundreds of millions of Chinese television viewers. The Magician made several goldfish swim in a synchronized fashion in a shallow aquarium. The audience was amazed, the host was in awe… and 57 animal rights groups were pissed.

The groups are claiming that what he is doing is animal cruelty. They say that the only way to make the fish move together is if he has either been feeding them magnets or if he has surgically implanted magnets inside their body.

The Chinese government has surprisingly caved to the animal rights groups demands and has pulled an encore of the performance off of a national show set to air tonight. The magician claims his fish are living happily, but that’s not enough for the protesters. They want to know the secrets behind the trick to make sure that he’s not loading up the fish with heavy metals.

Thankfully, one regional station still has a their won tons intact and are promising that they will not only have the magician back on to air the trick tonight, but that he’ll also reveal the secret behind it.

Check out the original trick here. We’ll see if we can find the follow up and bring it to you as soon as possible.

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