A movie like Fifty Shades of Grey has to get a little bit more creative than The Avengers when it comes to marketing tie-ins. You aren’t going to see them with their own Spaghettios or breakfast cereal… though, I think people might buy Fifty Shade’s Ohhh!’s.

The point is, they had to look a little bit outside the box… and the result has some Target customers up in arms over the Fifty Shades pleasure collection. The items drawing the most concern is the Fifty Shades Yours and Mine Vibrating Silicone Love Ring (“the silicone ring stretches to accommodate his girth,” the description assures) and the No Peeking Soft Twin Blindfold Set (“take it in turns to sink into submission”).

Let’s be honest though. Target and Walmart have been selling… well, let’s just call them what they are… cock rings, for years now. So, why are people getting so mad about it now?

Well, first of all, people love having something to bitch about and the added publicity of having a movie-tied in to products that some people consider sinful, just gives them the platform they were looking for.

That said, Target could be a little more cautious with placement. At least one parent complained that the sex toys were on display directly next to the children’s toothbrushes.

Source: EW