What’s more epic than the Shredder hoodie? Nothing. But the TMNT Krang hoodie does come pretty damn close.

This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume hoodie features the supervillain from Dimension X, Krang. The design is placed on the belly of the zip-up hoddie giving the appearance that you are being controlled by the brain like blob.

Note that when you put your hands inside the front pocket you connect Krang’s tentacles to his body.

One thought on “The Always Fashionable TMNT Krang Hoodie”

  1. Seriously guys, if you are entertaining the idea of buying this thing, DON’T! Any female who sees you on the street won’t understand who Krang is—even if they happen to know who the TMNT are—all they’ll see is a giant screaming nut-sac hovering around your crouch region. At the very least they’ll turn and walk the other direction, if you’re lucky you won’t get maced.

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