It was just a few days ago that we told you about a new battery powered entirely by human spit. Who would have figured that we’d already have another battery powered by a whole other bodily fluid?

This new battery was created by Chinese researchers and has been designed for wearable or even implantable uses. The key to making it viable is to have a battery that can be powered by non-toxic chemicals. This new battery uses electrolytes including sodium sulfate and saline. In other words… sweat.

The biggest markets for sweat powered batteries? fitness devices and medical devices. Amazingly, the batteries could even conceivably be used to fight cancer by robbing cancer cells of oxygen. Researcher, Yonggang Wang went further into how they could be used:

“We can implant these fiber-shaped electrodes into the human body to consume essential oxygen, especially for areas that are difficult for injectable drugs to reach. Deoxygenation might even wipe out cancerous cells or pathogenic bacteria since they are very sensitive to changes in living environment pH. Of course, this is hypothetical right now, but we hope to investigate further with biologists and medical scientists.”

Source: Inhabitat