If you’ve been watching The Flash on The CW, than you know that no one is having more fun on the show than Tom Cavanagh. It’s hard to get bored when you are constantly getting to play alternate realities of yourself.

The latest Wells sacrificed himself last season to help prevent the death of Iris, but it’s just not Team Flash without Dr Harrison Wells, so the team has gone and got themselves a new one. In recent interview, Cavanagh talked about what we can expect from this season’s Wells, or possibly multiple Wells.

“This year, we’ve had a different villain and so I think there’s going to be areas that we could use a different Wells,” Cavanagh teased when the site asked about how the show could change Wells yet again. “We’re going to start with Harry and then find a way, I think, to try and get a different version of Wells in there, be it some version of Harry or whatnot as the season’s gaps present themselves. I mean, there is stuff that’s involved with this season that we’re talking about how Wells might become a different version of Wells, but I think that’s a storyline too far from me to give up.”

Source: CBM