Being a geek isn’t just about about sci-fi and comics. Some people geek out over marijuana or cats or even model railroads. Photo Journalist Jake Warga has captured them all on film. Today we’ve got some of the portraits that he’s captured at:

Seattle Comic Con
A Furry Convention
A Model Train Convention
A Cat Show
Geek Girl Con
A Renn Faire
And A Tattoo Convention

Here are some of the bits of wisdom that he’s learned throughout his adventures:

1. Tattoos are more painful the closer you get to the crotch area.
2. Scrap-bookers are the most frightening and paranoid people ever.
3. Make-up used on zombies and corpses is the best I’ve seen even after a career working on Miramax horror sequels.
4. After a sex expo I never want to have sex again.
5. If “Erotic” is in the title of any kind of convention, it will actually be the opposite.
6. Cats are not keen on strobe flashes and by the third strobe firing, they figure out what’s going on and give me, the source, the evil eye for playing Zeus.
7. Model railroad expos have the largest percentage of people with Asperger’s…and buttons pinned to striped overalls…and striped overalls…
8. Furries are the nicest people by far and most are eager to hug me after I take their photo.

To see the rest of the images and learn more about Jake Warga, click HERE

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