While the Covid-19 outbreak has truly brought out the best in some people, it’s also brought out an element that could make you understand something like The Purge happening. With that in mind, the police department in Arcadia Louisiana could have probably found a better sound to announce the start of curfew than the siren from the movie…

In real life, the cops sounded the siren at 9 PM to let everyone know it was time to get indoors and off the roads. In the movies, that same siren kicks off a 12 hour period where nothing, including murder, is illegal.

The sound of the siren sparked panic among several residents and sparked a large number of calls to the 911 switchboard. For their part, the cops claimed they didn’t know the siren was the same one used in the film, and they’ve promised to use a different siren moving forward.

Y’all if Shreveport plays this sound (if we get a curfew), my anxiety will not survive. These crazies will think it’s actually the Purge. Crowley is wilding out. I’m glad I moved lol.

Posted by Adam John Schexnayder on Thursday, April 2, 2020