I loved the Sega Genesis. Sure, they might have tricked us into thinking that Sonic games could actually be good (something that we’ve learned in later sequels is just not the case), but it was a truly excellent game system. I still remember playing games like Altered Beast, Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, and Mickey’s Castle of Illusion on it whenever I’d go over to my one friend who was lucky enough to have the system.

While the system hasn’t been made in decades, there’s just been a new order put in for new consoles do to its popularity in Brazil. The dailydot is reporting that the new consoles will be honest to goodness, officially branded machines from SEGA, not a third party producer.

Only time will tell whether indie producers will start making new cartridges for the system or whether we’ll just see a massive jump in popularity for the old carts on eBay.

Brazil may have half-assed their way through the summer Olympics, but their nerdy love of side scrolling action might just be ushering in a mini golden age of old school gaming.

SOurce: Dot