Richard Chase was a real serial killer. He was known as the Vampire of Sacramento because of his habit of drinking the blood of his victims. What better way to explore the dark story of a sick man like this than with a video about his life that is acted out using only Barbies and Stuffed Animals.

If you are wondering what sort of messed up individual could possibly come up with a video like this, his name is Carey Burtt. He’s an underground artist in NYC who makes me feel a lot less underground than I ever have before. His style is to lean on the macabre and dark while trying to inject them with dark humor. Maybe I’m not smart enough to get it because all this doe is just creep me the hell out. Here are some videos of him. This is where this post sort of takes a darker than expected turn.

There are two videos here. One is a music video for a song called HIGH YANGNUM STYLE “What Gets Me High” and the other is a performance of one of Carey’s original tunes, Someone Kill Me. Feel free to watch these videos. I’ll be sleeping with the lights on for the next few days. The music video one is what freaks me out the most. I was actually surprised that he didn’t pop up in the middle of the screen at some point wearing a suit made of the skin of his victims.