Leave it to ThinkGeek, the coolest store in the world to take something like a simple Spider-Man shirt and turn it into a motion sensing personal radar that gives its wearer Spideysense!

Their new shirt comes with a detachable personal sensor that pulses on the back of your neck when someone is sneaking up behind you. It even speeds up, the closer they get. Check out the info below.

It seems that in order to be a super, one must have some horrendous experience. Bitten by a spider, see your parents murdered, exposed to high levels of radiation. Y’know, we’d rather have the powers without all that. Is it too much to ask?

The Marvel Electronic Spidey-Sense T-Shirt lets you have a bit of Spider-Man’s power. No spider bite necessary! (No spandex, either. Thank goodness!) Put on your Spidey t-shirt, clip the proximity sensor to the back of the collar, and turn it on. Now, whenever someone comes within five feet of you, your Spidey Senses will tingle!

Product Specifications

Never be surprised by danger again!
Gives you Spidey Sense to know when someone is behind you
Clip-on proximity sensor with vibration motor
Black t-shirt with artwork of Spidey himself on the front
Officially licensed Marvel collectible
To turn on: Press and hold for 4 seconds. A quick buzz lets you know it’s ready.
Your new Spidey senses:
Someone 5 ft behind you: very slow pulse
Someone 4 ft behind you: slow pulse
Someone 3 ft behind you: pulse
Someone 2 ft behind you: fast pulse
Someone 1 ft behind you: very fast pulse
Batteries: 2 AAA (not included)
Care: Remove clip-on device. Wash t-shirt as usual.