People will do anything to lose weight and the internet is full of deathly bad advice. In a story that dates back to 2012, but is just starting to get traction online, a woman who was already suffering from an apparent eating disorder and possible schizophrenia, found an article online that suggested drinking a liter of Soy Sauce in a two-hour span would clear her body of all toxins.

According to the report (which cannot be confirmed so it could just be a big pile of BS), the woman had consumed nearly 66 grams of sodium, more than 200% more than the 25 grams that would be considered a lethal dose. The woman was admitted to the hospital after losing the ability to speak, control her limbs, and eventually lost consciousness. On the ambulance ride to the hospital, her heart stopped, but she was resuscitated.

She was diagnosed with acute hypernatremia and given an IV of sugar water to help lower the salt concentration in her blood. The problem was that her organs had all started losing water due to the salt in her blood. Her digestive tract, organs, and even brain were shrinking and becoming dehydrated due to the condiment overdose. After several days of treatment, she regained consciousness but was diagnosed with central pontine myelinolysis – a form of brainstem damage that causes difficulty with moving your limbs, talking, or even swallowing.