Finding out that someone has busted into your home and stolen your belongings is horrible. It is a violation on so many levels. Now, imagine if they just took the whole house. That’s exactly what’s happened to one San Antonio couple.

The couple had just finished spending two and a half years and $35,000 into their new home in an attempt to live a more “green lifestyle.”

When the couple returned home at the end of the day last Friday, they found that there was no home to return to, just the empty plot of land they had purchased and a damaged driveway.

The good news is that, after the story was reported on the local news, the tiny house was reported across town by neighbors who had seen it for several days, but didn’t know it was stolen.

Ironically, the couple has signed a lease on an apartment and are not sure they want to go back to Tiny House living.

In regards to how the house was taken, here’s what the owner had to say on his blog:

Source: Myfoxny