Look, we have had some nastiness in the last few days. I live in Orlando, trust me, I’m aware. But, I also know that the second we rob ourselves of the ability to laugh at tragedy is when we may as well give up. Driving around Orlando on Sunday afternoon, the one thing that made me smile was when someone called into the new on the radio, gave an absurdly stupid account of what had happened the night before and then yelled “Bababouie” before hanging up. To me, that means we are going to be OK. When there’s not a single person out there willing to get stupid to amuse himself or others, regardless of the tragedy, then we’ve lost it all.

It’s with that, that I present you with this inflatable slide that can be rented for birthday parties in Japan, based off of the sinking of the Titanic.

It turns out that people in Japan are mixed as to how they feel about the slide, posting Tweets like:

“There is no way this is okay lol.”
“Maybe it was an abandoned design for practicing emergency boat escaping?”
“Am I a bad person for wanting to reenact Rose and Jack on it?”
“If only the slide ended in a pool of water, haha! …sorry.”
“Well some designer out there has a dark sense of humor.”

Personally, it’s probably the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

Source: rocketnews