Nothing says thug life like a couple of 10 year old girls buying candy off the child version of a drug dealer. Crap like this makes me want to yell at the neighbor kids to get the hell of my lawn and to pull up their pants.

This video, which features the one and only Patrice of both Rebecca Black’s Friday and that other crappy Thanksgiving video features little kids buying “drugs” in the form of pixie stix and then later in the form of rock candy off another kid with shades and a fake mustache.

There are even some scenes where little girls are going crazy while they start spraying their pixie stick powder all over their faces.

I wonder if Patrice is on any watch lists yet…

Oh, I almost forgot… the video takes an extra classy turn when the girls are drinking their tall boy Arizona Ice Teas out of brown paper bags like they’re 40’s.

Alison and Stacey
Oh yeah
We’re gonna teach you how to Skip Rope
So grab your ropes and lets do the skip rope


Skip Rope Skip Rope
Lemme See you Lemme See you
Do the skip rope
Skip Rope Skip Rope
Lemme See you Lemme See you
Do the skip rope

We can be anything that we want to be
Won’t back down don’t roll with the crowd
Like a jump rope we can never be broke
Twisted and never badder forever

I’m down for whatever
That makes me — not under the weather
Cause I will be – a not endeavor
Breakin’ it down for my home town
Crank up the sound
Break up the sound till your speakers
It’s still the first round.

Chorus X2

Don’t care where you’ve been we came to win
Showing our best better than the rest
Got your back, no looking back
Hard to the beat
Haters gonna take us ( )

Don’t care what I’ve been through
I can make ( ) true
Pitty pitty boo hooo
Time to get it on my move
Time to get it on my move
Know the feelin call it juice
Can’t let go
Gotta keep my grip on the road
Won’t fall
Can’t stop
Standin’ tall