Let two shirt wearing Romeo teach you how to properly propose and confess your love to a girl. You wear two shirts (double collar popping action), compare her beauty to a sludge field, tell her you can live without her and write her this heartfelt poem:

I can’t say you how much I love you
I know you; better than you
Better than Lord Vishnu, who created you
I have no clue, why I am behind you,
May be this is new to you, but I should say, I love you!
I can make you feel that the whole world fall’s behind the love I give you
Hope you will make me the member of your crew!! and wouldn’t say adieu!
I love you Cuckoo!

Beware, watching the video below may lead to spontaneous and unwanted pregnancies. Just remember ladies, he’s a one woman guy and he’s already spoken for. Try to control yourselves.