As if I’m not paranoid enough… Unicus Fitness Center in Chicago, IL is now offering a fitness class to train and prepare you for the day the zombie apocalypse comes. As we’ve all learned from “Zombieland” cardio is perhaps one of the number one rules that one mustn’t break when our mortal world is overrun with flesh eating undeads.

Having a zombie preparedness fitness class really only makes sense. The class consists of various strength, agility, and endurance drills. Jumping over and ducking under hurdles, smashing car tires with a sledgehammer, running sprints while dragging a sled with weights, swinging a 20 lb baseball bat at eye level, and boxing make up the class.

While I wouldn’t be punching zombies anytime soon, one can only assume that it’s an exercise built in for cardio.

Source: zombieandtoys