According to The Daily Beast, Nicolas Cage’s recent financial problems are, at least in part, due to his outrageous and eccentric spending.

While Cage’s lawyer, Martin Singer denies the claim saying “Half the stuff you say is false. I’m not going to get into details,” it’s still interesting to read about some of the possible odds things this flamboyant celebrity has purchased which takes the phrase “spending money like water” to a whole new level.

Essentially if you can dream it, Nicolas Cage bought it: yachts, a jet, expensive watches, meteorites, a 11th century castle in Etzelwang, Germany, 13 motorcycles, 30 cars, over a million dollars’ worth of comic books (although he has recently auctioned most off), multiple (supposedly haunted) mansions in New Orleans, two Bahamanian islands, shrunken heads that may or may not have been human (which are illegal), and a $500k Lamborghini once owned by the Shah of Iran.

But that’s not all, the article also reports that Cage spent $276,000 on a dinosaur skull in a “heated auction with Leonardo DiCaprio.” He also has an enormous pet collection with exotic wildlife. Two of them being albino King Cobras, as well as “an antidote serum on the wall, so that if you got bit by a snake you could save yourself.” In addition to massive amounts of jewelry for the women in his life and group vacations for his entire entourage.

There’s no denying that Cage is a lavish spender. However, for all the money he spent on himself, he’s also been a generous guy. Having donated $1 million to the Red Cross to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina and $2 million to the human-rights group Amnesty International.

Source: Yahoo, The Daily Beast