From the folks that brought you The World’s Largest Gummy Bear, comes a set of six shot glasses made from delicious gummy!

According to Vat19, you can’t possible take a shot of Old Crow until you have Gummy Shot Glasses and because these edible shot glasses double as the greatest chasers known to man (Well, I don’t about that).

Gummy Shots are available in two different six-packs for $14.95. Each set includes two of each flavor. Enjoy blue raspberry, red cherry, and orange or lemon, lime, and cola. They have have a shelf life of up to one year provided that they are kept sealed in their packaging and out of extreme heat.

Some specs:
– Dimensions: 2″ tall x 2″ diameter (at widest point)
– Thickness: 0.25″
– Capacity: 1 fluid ounce (30 mL)
– Six glasses per set
– Hand made in the USA
– 100% edible
– Freakin’ delicious

As if gummy shot glasses weren’t enough already, check out their completely ridiculous yet somehow masterful music video all about the gummy shots and more. Oh and gummy bear belt buckle FTW!