Italian artist, Fabrizio Fioretti has created this Pixar-esque set of Ghostbuster CGI images. A big fan of Ghostbusters, here’s what Fioretti had to say about his creation:

“It’s a personal project, took me long time as I could work on it only in the evening and weekends. I‘ve also done everything on my own (design, modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering…etc…). I don’t have any further plan at the moment as an animation would take a time or more time, which I don’t have… Maybe some other GBs images…maybe. :) From a technical point of view, I used 3D and 2D softwares like Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop and Nuke.”

Hopefully this gives Hollywood some inspiration on where they can take the next Ghostbuster film. From the looks of Fioretti’s art, I would love to see the next Ghostbusters film made in CG by Pixar or Dreamworks.

Source: SlashFilm