Ziona is to Rebecca Black as Kristen Stewart is to Glenn Close.

We made fun of Rebecca Black’s Friday when it came out, but at least that was a harmless and relatively innocent piece of bubblegum pop trash. This is just trash Ziona, or zinonabinona as she’s known mostly on Youtube, is a girl who has tried to get known by doing make-up videos. Now she’s trying to break through into the world of YouTube Internet stardom. I’m not sure if we should thank for for the great fodder or if we should find whoever told her she was talented enough to make a music video and beat them senseless.

This video just left me feeling… icky. Ziona is so out of tune that her voice has to be modified to a point where it is hard to understand the lyrics. In fact, the only line I was really able to hear clearly was the hook… and I really wish that I hadn’t been able to hear it:

“‘Imma show you I can get what’s in your pants excited. You don’t have to fight it see you there, you’re invited.”

The singing is so bad that she is even out of tune when she harmonizes with herself.

You sort of just have to see this to believe it.