Wayne Houchin is a magician in Las Vegas. a couple of days ago, Wayne was appearing on a Colombian TV show called “Curiosidades” (Curiosities). It was just like any other appearance on a show until something went horribly wrong. No, he didn’t have a stunt go bad and no it wasn’t a Michael Jackson style pyrotechnic accident. What happened here is that suddenly and without warning, the show’s host, Franklin Barazarte lit Houchin’s hair on fire.

Houchin survived the attack, but he’s being treated for wounds on his head, face and neck.

Here’s what he’s written to fans on his Facebook page:
“I was not aware he was going to do this. This was not a stunt or part of an act – this was a criminal attack. I am in pain, but am recovering. I will update you on the situation when I can.”

Being the thoughtful man that he is, he also thanked the show’s producers for extinguishing him quickly.

So, why did it happen?
The show’s producers accuse the host of trying to use the fire to cleanse Houchin of evil spirits… sort of an exorcism by fire.

Houchin is calling it a criminal attack, but there is no word on whether charges will be filed against Barazarte.