While frogs legs are served in a lot of restaurants throughout Florida, the Waffle House in Tallahassee Florida is not one of them. Still, that didn’t stop one couple from allegedly finding a whole dead frog in their water when they went to the restaurant for dinner earlier this month.

The couple in question were Claire Sheats and her husband. Unfortunately, the frog actually went unnoticed until he had had a couple of sips from the drink. Here’s what Sheats had to say about the incident:

“It’s a whole frog in a water drink and you’re at a restaurant. You have hairs in your food sometimes or maybe a little piece of plastic from packaging. But, this is an amphibian and that’s not something that…you definitely lose your appetite immediately.”

The Sheats family eventually filed a complaint with the health inspector, who has already dinged the greasy spoon for 11 other violations that include:food residue buildup in coolers, grease buildup in the cooking area, dust building up, and food stored at an improper temperature.

For their part, Waffle House did not have a frog in their throat and actually made a full statement on the matter:

“We are concerned about this claim and are currently investigating the circumstances. Our corporate team is working with the local operators to determine the facts. Based on what our District Manager saw at the time and after reviewing the video, there are still some issues we are looking into. Serving quality food and delivering a quality experience are responsibilities we take seriously, and we will continue to review this matter.says the company is looking into the matter.”

Source: WCTV