I don’t know who Amon Tobin is, but he’s a very dark individual. This new music video for his latest track, “Vengeance” features more bloodshed than you’ll see in most horror films… and it is all coming out of stuffed animals. I’m not sure what this Teddy Bear is seeking vengeance for, but with this level of brutality, I’m thinking that all the other toys may have slept with its mother.

Official Video Description:
Amon Tobin presents the next brutalist masterpiece wired up under his Two Fingers guise, “Vengeance Rhythm”. A low-slung exercise in violence, brooding power and pure production smarts, in the words of a recent Resident Advisor feature, it’s “a little like dubstep built on an interplanetary scale.” The tune has been brought to life (and death) in a truly jaw-dropping video from stop-frame animator and director Chris Ullens. Ullens transforms a pile of toys, a love of super slo-mo explosions and a huge pile of mince into the funniest, most eye-popping and shocking exercise in animated ultra-violence since Oliver Postgate found out Bagpuss was cheating on him with Professor Yaffle.

The album ‘Stunt Rhythms’ out now on 3LP, 2CD and download on Big Dada Recordings