Yes, Comic-Con is full of celebrities, toys, comics and really, really hot women in very, very tiny costumes, but despite all that, it seems like one little booth on the floor seems to have captured the hearts and minds of all the geeks on the floor more than any other. That booth: Mr Timms.

It’s very simple. Throw the balls in the fish mouth, win a prize. Even if you lose, you still get a little wind up Mr Timms fish to call your own… if you are really lucky, you can win a silver one.

It was one of the most cheerful booths on the floor. Ellis and his daughters were true examples of all the love that Mr. Timms had to offer.

In an effort to get to the bottom of the story, YBMW asked Ellis Knightly about the story of Mr Timms and what we got was a tale to rival the great epics… ok, it wasn’t quite that epic, but it was an awesome tale none the less.

Yes, there are some naysayers out there that say Mr Timms is just a viral ad for the new Johnny Depp film Rango. Sure, Mr Timms might appear in the trailer for the film… but that is pure coincidence. Listen to Ellis’ tale of enlightenment and try to tell us that you wouldn’t like to live in a world that was full of Mr. Timms.

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