Chickens are more than just delicious, they are becoming a very trendy pet. People like to keep a few in their garden because they eat the pests, give you fresh eggs, and up your hipster cred exponentially. However, it seems that more and more people are growing emotionally attached to their little fryers and are letting them move into the house (which completely destroys the concept of having them in the garden, but whatever).

Sadly, there’s one problem that people tend to have when they bring their poultry indoors… they crap everywhere. Yes, while these animals are considered to be highly intelligent, they are not an animal that takes well to housebreaking. Instead, they’ll just poop everywhere, whenever they please.

Enter, Chicken Diapers. Yes… this is a thing. Why it’s a thing, I’ve got no idea, but it is actually a thing. The diapers are being sold on Etsy by companies like Pampered Poultry and My Pet Chicken. They are adjustable, come in several sizes, and a plethora of colors and styles. After all, you can’t put an ugly diaper on your chicken, right?

If this video is any indication, the chickens think this is just about as stupid as I do.

Source: Inhabitat