Do you ever find yourself brushing your hair and wondering why your hairbrush couldn’t be smarter? Withings has and they’ve teamed up with L’Oreal’s innovation lab and Kerastase to unveil their brand new Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-equipped hair brush at CES.

They’ve called their new invention the “Hair Coach.” Nestled in the center of its bristles is a microphone that listens to your hair-brushing patterns (and your deepest fears), as well as an accelerometer and a gyroscope that analyze your brush strokes and patterns. If that’s not enough tech to jam into a hairbrush, it also features sensors that measure the pressure you’re applying to your hair and that can also tell if you are brushing your hair when dry or wet. There is, of course, a mobile app that gathers this information for you, and probably a shadow government organization that is determined to rule the world one scalp at a time.

Based on the problems it determines your hair to have, it will suggest a number of different solutions, almost of all of which include one or more Keratase hair products. So, for only $200, you can have a vibrating hairbrush that tells you to buy the shampoo of the company that sponsored it.

I love Withings. I think their scale is awesome and I’m happy to own it, but seriously? It’s hard to imagine a “smart” device with such a stupid agenda.

SOurce: Theverge