In a feat that seems inspired by a St Patrick’s Day that included a little too much Guinness, Lindsey Russell tried to cross the Irish Sea between Northern Ireland and Scotland in what looks like a giant hamster ball device called a Zorb.

The good news is that Russell, a TV presenter in the UK wasn’t just doing it because she lost a bar bet, but to raise funds for an organization called Sport Relief, a UK fundraising organization that challenges participants to walk, run, swim or cycle to raise money for good causes.

Floating atop the water’s surface, Russell had one goal, to make it across the 21.6 mile channel in about 14 hours… and probably to not fart while trapped inside a plastic ball for 14 hours.

While she put in a valiant effort, poor weather conditions forced her to abandon her attempt less than five miles from the finish line.

In preparation for the stunt, Russell spent five months in training and had her zorb specially modified to include paddles that would help it move across water as she ran inside the ball.

Source: Inhabitat