While we still don’t have traditional Kinder Eggs here in the US, they are as popular as ever around the rest of the world. If you aren’t familiar with them. Kinder Eggs are chocolate eggs with a toy hidden inside. Well, it turns out that one woman decided that the egg should be inside of something too… her vagina.

Don’t go thinking that this was just some weird sex thing. Sure, that’s definitely part of it, but the rest is kind of sweet. You see, the woman in question was using the Kinder Egg to surprise her boyfriend with a marriage proposal.

It was her hope that her boyfriend would happen upon the surprise during foreplay. Unfortunately for both of them, the egg shifted and got stuck. The funny thing is that she refused to tell him about it because she was determined not to ruin the surprise!

There’s no word on how the egg was eventually laid, or whether he said yes. What we do know is that the story is part of a new book from former junior doctor Adam Kay. The book, ‘This is going to hurt: Confessions Of A Junior Doctor’, tells the story of Adam’s time as a doctor for the NHS in the UK and all the weirdness he encountered along the way.

Source: The Mirror