A Florida woman is shocked that her new Christmas wrapping paper is covered swastikas.

Casey Lehman bought a roll of wrapping paper at Dollar Mania in the Altamonte Mall. “I saw green and gold, and thought that’s Christmassy and grabbed it and took it home.”

And while it looked innocently enough, once unrolled it revealed a different story. “I pulled it down from the closet, and for the first time saw it and thought, ‘Oh wow. That’s really inappropriate.'”

“I asked myself, ‘Is that really what I think it is? Am I making something out of nothing,'” Lehman said.

Lehman said she couldn’t believe her eyes. She called her fiancé and mother just to double check and she said they all agreed that her wrapping paper is covered in swastikas.

“It’s shocking to me, but someone else could get this on Christmas Day and who knows how I would affect somebody else,” Lehman said.

Lehman is not looking for a refund since the paper only cost her a dollar. She said she’s just worried others who bought the same roll may not notice what she did.

“If I had sent this out on my Christmas gifts and someone had pointed it out to me I would have been mortified. I would have been really embarrassed,” Lehman said.

Fact Check: While the symbol on the wrapping paper does look like the Nazi swastika, what Lehman isn’t noticing is the dots in each of the quadrants. The symbol in question is actually an ancient Sanskrit symbol from Hinduism that denotes good luck. This is further supported by the elephants and Indian looking ornamentations that appear on the wrapping paper.

Source: wesh re