Everyone loves giraffes, whether it’s for their freaky black tongues, their baddass fighting abilities, or even just because they want to be a Toys R Us Kid. Sadly, the popular animal is quickly disappearing from the planet and no one has really noticed.

Giraffes are a common site in most zoos around the world, and because of that, people seem to think that they are also plentiful in the wild. That is just not true anymore. It turns out that they are actually hurtling towards extinction at an alarming rate.

Some of the reasons the populations are dropping include the things people like to do with them after they are dead. In Tanzania, people eat their brains and bone marrow because they believe it will cure AIDS. Their tails are considered a status symbol and are commonly used as fly swatters.

There are now less than 80,000 giraffes left in Africa and that number continues to drop daily… so people can have a fancy fly swatter.

Source: Inhabitat