Softbank is about to release their first 1,000 household robots under the name Pepper. This is the first phase in what they hope is the beginning of a new future when there’s a Pepper in every home. That said, when you give humans any new piece of technology, there’s two things they are inevitably try to do with it: Kill with it and have sex with it.

The company is letting people know in no uncertain terms that they are not allowed to do the latter (not sure about the former). In Pepper’s instructions, it clearly states that you may not do use Pepper for the following:

“(4) Acts for the purpose of sexual or indecent behavior, or for the purpose of associating with unacquainted persons of the opposite sex.”

Pepper is designed with artificial intelligence to make it “the perfect household companion” by reading your emotions and providing the appropriate small talk and/or encouragement when needed.

All things aside, this is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen. Watch the video below. It’s supposed to show you the possibilities of having Pepper in your home. Instead, it watches like the first 4 minutes of a techno horror film, especially when you see him watching a baby in the dark through the bars of a crib… WTF is that?

Source: Rocketnews