I’m going to just say no. No, he cannot. Still, the on again, off again live action adaption of the classic Japanese Manga/ Anime has reared it’s head once again and this time Christopher Nolan is said to be involved in some capacity.

This time around, the idea is to make the story into a trilogy, because why not squeeze as much money as you can from it, right?

We don’t know what capacity that Nolan will have in the film, but he is set to direct an untitled WB project for release in July of 2017. This would fit perfectly into that slot, but den of geek said that Nolan is talking to other directors about it, so it might not be the case.

The only other information we have is that Netflix’s Daredevil screenwriter Marco J. Ramirez is writing the latest draft of the adaptation and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way is producing. We can only hope that DiCaprio has given up his hopes of playing the lead in a white washed American version of the story.

Source: Denofgeek