There’s an old saying: “everything’s better with bacon.” I wonder if they considered that the bacon in question might be coming from a whale and not a pig?

As many of you know… thanks to to the show Whale Wars on Animal Planet that shows a group of terrorists funded by the Red Hot Chili Peppers attacking Japanese Whaling ships, Whale meat is pretty popular in Japan. Recently we found this great little TV commercial for some bacon made from Whales… Possibly the same ones killed on Whale Wars (suck it PETA).

What is possibly even more interesting than the commercial are the Youtube comments that accompany it. We’ve cleaned them up to make them SFW.

animes25 (4 days ago)
delicous whale you must eat it

jorge10928 (5 days ago)
disgusting s#!t!

chj13110 (3 days ago)
racist american.
study the different gastronomic culture.
american dish is not the one and only world standard.
shut up and kill many cows and eat beef,racist american

jorge10928 (3 days ago)

how the $#%^ am i rasist? i said that whale stuff is nasty…. am i rasist against whales or some $#!* now? haha. moronic son of a @$^#!.

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