An elderly woman police found “dead” on the bathroom floor of her Maryland home woke up several hours later as an employee from the State Anatomy Board went to collect her remains.

89-year-old Ruth Shillinglaw Johnson was pronounced dead by medical examiners as she laid on the floor for three hours while officers notified her family.

According to the police report, they noticed an odor “similar to a decomposition smell” in the house after being called by a neighbor who had not seen Johnson for a few days.

When they found Ms Johnson she was reportedly blue and not breathing. The officers did not check for a pulse because they believed she had been dead for a number of days.

Police learned from her son that Ms Johnson had made arrangements with the State Anatomy Board to donate her body for science – and it was when the board’s employee came to collect her that she woke up.

Ms Johnson was taken to the Baltimore Washington Medical Center for medical treatment and was discharged on Wednesday.

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Source: hometownannapolis