Just days after immense controversy over a previous Sports Illustrated cover featuring American skiing sensation Lindsey Vonn in a suggestive skiing position, she’s once again appearing in SI and this time, it’s pretty obvious what SI’s trying to sell.

Lindsey Vonn who is a favorite to win gold at next week’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver, will appear in this year’s SI’s annual swimsuit issue (with Brooklyn Decker) and be featured in a multi-page photo spread. Inside and online (at SI.com), Vonn will pose with her ski gear, as well as appear in a sauna, standing on the slopes and posing with a rescue helicopter, all in her bikini (because it makes perfect sense!).

Vonn is one of those rare athletes that is the complete package. An outstanding athlete who’s fairly easy on the eye. In the past, models have often been selected to be on the cover of the SI swimsuit issue, but for the first time ever we’re seeing someone with a good chance of becoming the most decorated American Winter Olympians of all time. Think Michael Phelps, but much much hotter.

To see more of Lindsey Vonn, head on over to SI now.

One thought on “Skiing Sensation Lindsey Vonn Poses For SI’s Swimsuit Issue”

  1. Oh boy, She really have it all. Talent, looks and body. Well,it looks like there’s a lot of injury drama involving Women’s Skiing in the winter Olympics. First there was that whole Lindsey Vonn saga with her bruised shin, and now Stacey Cook is out – and not only that, but she had to get lifted out by helicopter. So far it doesn’t seem serious but a similar instance led to the death of Natasha Richardson. Granted, I’m pretty sure most athletes have great insurance so I don’t think she’ll end up running for payday loans or anything, but that being said I certainly hope she’s alright.

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