According to a new story coming out in the next issue of the National Enquirer, Angelina Jolie is kind of a hosebag. OK, that’s not what the story says, but really… any woman who waits over a year to apologize for breaking up someone else’s relationship and then really just does to to assuage her own guilt is a hosebag. Considering that this is a “safe for work” site, feel free to swap out hosebag for any number of other insults.

Anyways, enough commentary. Here’s a clip from the article to give you the gist of what went down. All I can say, is I haven’t seen Aniston rock this hard since she rebelled against her minimum pieces of flair:

“Guilt-ridden Angelina Jolie has finally apologized to Jennifer Aniston for falling in love with Brad Pitt while while he was still married to Jen, The Enquirer has learned exclusively. In a startling move, the “Changeling” star secretly contacted the “Friends” beauty and told Jen she’s sorry that she lost her heart to her husband as they worked together on a film, say sources. But, the dramatic gesture completely backfired!

Jen refused to give Angelina the satisfaction of accepting her apology, and now Brad is upset that it has reopened old wounds. Without consulting Brad, Angelina planned the apology to clear her conscience and get rid of ghosts from the past that hang over their relationship, say insiders.

“Angelina desperately wanted to make amends with Jen and bury the hatchet once and for all,” and insider told the Enquirer.

But Jennifer – who has rekindled her relationship with rocker John Mayer after breaking up with him in August – refused to take the bait. “Jen didn’t see any good reason to relieve Angelina of her guilt,” divulged another source. “I think what she really wanted to do was point a finger in her face and shout, ‘Homewrecker!’”