First of all RIP Micheal Crichton, secondly, who remembers the little girl that was presumably eaten/attacked by little dinosaurs in the intro to Jurassic Park 2 (1997)? To my friends and I, for some reason it was always a memorable scene and really set the tone noting how dinosaurs are not domesticated animals no matter how much we’d like to keep them as pets or under our control. Not every dinosaurs is a Dino.

Anyway, that the little girl is Camilla Belle, and she’s all grown up now. Recently, last week she was spotted at the Hollywood Film Festival’s Gala Ceremony in Beverly Hills.

Camilla is becoming a new rising star of her own, and will be in the new film “Push” slated for a February 2009 release, which stars Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans. Check out the trailer for Push here.

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