They make just about anything into a USB charger. Heck, Thinkgeek even just released their own USB charger version of the Flux Capacitor. Well, what these new Disney chargers lack in sci fi coolness they more than make up for in straight up adorableness.

Inspired, I’m guessing, by old Winnie the Pooh cartoons, these new chargers make it look like your favorite Disney characters are diving head first into your outlet. In other words, the charger is their butt.

Currently, the chargers are available in Mickey’s butt, Donald’s butt, and Winnie The Pooh’s butt. As cute as they might be, seeing a usb cord coming out of where they have it placed is just a little bit disturbing.

These adorable chargers are only $16.50 and are currently available HERE

Source: Rocketnews