Deadpool is probably one of the most talked about Marvel Characters in the last week. Between the announcement of his movie and then the rumor that it might be relegated to the not quite violent enough land of PG-13, fans can’t stop talking about the merc with a mouth.

That’s good news for Sideshow because they are finally premiering their Marvel 1:6 scale figure line and they are leading off with the chimichanga loving assassin.

They decided to not only preview the figure in his typical 4th wall breaking style, but to actually offer him with some of his more popular sayings so he can break the 4th wall from the comfort of your home.

I’ve got to say, from the pics they’ve put out, this might be one of the more beautifully done 1:6th scale figures that Sideshow has ever created.

Along with the phrases, extra head, tons of guns, and plenty of knives that come standard with the Deadpool figure, the exclusive edition even comes with a flying zombie head Deadpool!

The figure goes on pre-sale today, 9/25 and will set you back $229.99