iam8bit never disappoints with their exhibitions. Their newest art show features tons of amazing art based on the Cartoon Network series, Adventure Time. Here are some of the best pieces from the show. You can head over to im8bit for a look at the complete exhibition.

The art feature here includes:
Adventure Ladies by Nan Lawson
Adventure Bros by Nan Lawson
Bemo Cross-Section by Steve Wolfhard
Candy Kingdom by Ghostshrimp
Collected Curiosities #04052010-02 by Andrew Kolb
Finn & Jake Find the Light by Rich Pellegrino
Marceline & The Scream Queens Tour Mini Poster by Aled Lewis
Party Bears! by Drew Wise and Austin James
Super Adventure Time by Paul Robertson
Surfing Adventure Time by Jose Emroca Flores
Wizard Battle by Thomas Wellmann

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Source: Geekart