This story wouldn’t have been a big deal to me a couple of years ago, but my folks installed these light cans in their ceilings. They are kind of like a a skylight, but much smaller and much better. It’s amazing how much light they bring into a room. Also, as I get more into photography, natural light is getting more and more important to em.

Lucy was created by Rome-based Solenica. She’s a robot that has the sole purpose of finding natural sunlight and beaming it where ever you need it.

Not only is this a great thing for people who just live in crappy apartments with horrible lighting, but it is going to be a huge deal when the winter comes and more people are suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

All you do is place lucy in your window and aim her. she’ll keep the sun where you need it all day, no matter where it is in the sky.

Source: Inhabitat