Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side, All About Steve, The Proposal) just made US box-office history by becoming the first female lead to make over $200M.

According to Empire, while other films starring women have made over $200M in the US, this is the first film with a sole female lead. For example while “Pretty Woman” made a cool $178.4, it also starred a well-known male lead.

It’s hard to believe that while movies can gross over millions, it’s just now that Bullock becomes the first female to have broken box-office history. This is especially perplexing when you consider some of the more popular movies in the last decade that did star women.

Hopefully as we progress into a new year, Hollywood will take note that money can be made in films aimed at women, starring women. With the surprise success of “Twilight” and good quirky comedies like “The Proposal,” it only makes sense that people will flock to films that are catered to them or if they’re actually any good. An example of something that wasn’t good — “All About Steve,” which also starred Bullock.

In the meantime, congratulations to Bullock, 2010 can only look brighter with you in the mix.

Source: Empire