The Boston Herald is reporting that Sean Penn has signed back on to play Larry in the Farrelly Brothers’ (There’s Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber) “Three Stooges” film.

Penn had dropped out of the project back in June due to family issues and was replaced by Paul Giamatti. Since then, Bobby Farrelly reports that Penn is now definitely back in and says, “We got him back. He always said he wanted to do it after,you know, taking care of his family.”

The “Three Stooges” is set in modern time with the same slapstick comedy that has made them famous. Think “Dumb and Dumber” but even more dumb and stupid. Jim Carrey who originally signed up to play Curly has since left the project, which may or may not be a good sign of things to come. Meanwhile, Benecio Del Toto (Wolfman) is still attached to play Moe.

“Three Stooges” is one of those black and white films. It will either be incredibly funny or an absolute disaster. I’m leaning toward the later if recent Farrelly films have been of any indication.