If you grew up in the late 80’s, you probably remember a board game called Fireball Island. I never had this game growing up, but it always looked amazing in the TV commercials. The good news is that I might finally get a chance to play because Restoration Games is bringing a new and improved version of the game to life in a new Kickstarter campaign. If you have never played the game, itis an adventure boardgame where you travel around an island, facing perils as you collect treasure, all while the island’s volcano god spits fireballs at you.

If you are worried that a game like this won’t get fully funded, you can relax. Less than two days into the campaign, Fireball Island: The Curse Of Vul-Kar has already grabbed almost 7,200 backers who have pledged $876,105 against an initial goal of $250,000. If you want to get in on the action, you can back the campaign HERE.

Check out the commercial from the 1980’s version of the game below: