Hello Kitty can be found on anything from toys to… adult toys. Now, the famous Japanese cartoon kitty that isn’t actually a kitty, but a human girl has found herself on a melon.

This isn’t the first time that the famous fruit have been sold in Japan, but it is the first time they are being produced in a number that is reasonably affordable (not really). Last year, two of the melons were auctioned off for an astounding 27,240. Now, the person who bought them probably feels like an idiot because this year’s batch is going on sale for a paltry $51.62 each.

The melons achieve their special “Kawaiiness” by having the Hello Kitty face carved into them around a month before they are harvested. This gives the carving a chance to scar over, leaving an indelible likeness behind.

If you want one, you are probably out of luck. They are only producing 300 a year, but I’m sure you can always pick one up at auction…

Source: Rocketnews