Supergirl is going to be going through some changes in season 2. The move to the CW from CBS may have saved it from cancellation, but the show is going to have to work extra hard to keep its new timeslot. To that end, the producers of the show have decided that the only thing that can make Supergirl more cool is Superman.

Before I get into what they are doing, I want to take a quick second to voice my dissension. I really liked that Superman was kept on the periphery in season 1. It forced Kara to stand on her own and it kept her as the center of attention. The few times we did have interaction with Superman, it was as a silhouette or a text message. I’m worried that making Superman an active participant will actually detract from Supergirl.

OK. I’ve said my piece, now here’s what they are doing.

“The iconic character of Superman will first be seen visiting his cousin Kara in National City at the beginning of the series’ second season.”

The hope is that this super infusion will bring new eyes to the series and help cement its new home on the CW. While there’s no current word on who will be playing Clark or his alter ego, fans are already starting a petition to get Smallville’s Tom Welling.

Source: Collider