Justin Bieber unleashed his army of 4.5 million devoted Tweeter followers on a Michigan teen who allegedly had been harassing the singer and one of his friends.

On his Twitter page, the Bieber posted the phone number of suburban Detroit teen Kevin Kristopik, with the tweet, “everyone call me 248-[Kristopik’s number] :) or text.”

The posting was taken down after a few minutes, but not before Kristopik’s line was already flooded with more than 26,000 text messages and calls before he shut down his phone account.

Kevin’s dad, Mike Kristopik, told the paper that the Bieber was trying to get his son — who won’t exactly say how he got the singer’s number — to stop texting him, and that it worked. Still, said the elder Kristopik, “if it costs us $2,000 or $10,000, it’s out of line.”

By the time he talked to the Detroit News, that estimate had grown: “If I have a $20,000 bill, I’m going to be pretty upset,” he said.

Kristopik allegedly hacked into the Twitter page of one of Bieber’s pals and got the singer’s phone number, prompting the teen idol to seek payback, Gawker reported.

A local radio host told the Detroit News that Kristopik had e-mailed the show last week ago to brag about hacking into the Facebook account of one of Bieber’s friends. WKQI-FM host Spike said Kevin wanted tickets to Bieber’s concert and closed his e-mail by saying, “Give me tickets or I’ll hack you.”

Source: NYPost