Deadline is reporting that Hugh Jackman has decided to drop out of the Fox comedy Avon Man in order to better focus on preparing for his role as Logan in the upcoming “Wolverine” sequel. By focus, he means getting completely ripped and shredded.

The sequel to the awful “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is rumored to be based off the classic Frank Miller spin where Logan visits Japan and does battle with the Japanese underworld. It’ll be more epic and less hokey, if done correctly. The script is being written by Christopher MQuarrie (Valkyrie, The Usual Suspects) and currently no director is attached to helm the project.

My expectations were pretty high with “Origins” which Fox completely took a dump on it with their who’s who of mutant debauchery and a teleporting blade wielding Deadpool. It’s pretty evident that Fox doesn’t know or care on how to make comic book movies, hopefully they’ll make amends and at least try to do the sequel justice.

Regardless, be sure that Marvel will be doing a Wolverine reboot sometime in the near future, a reboot that will probably not include Jackman.

Source: Deadline