Holy overreaction Batman! Katy Perry’s manager cut the power during a television interview in Australia because he wasn’t happy with the question that Sunrise entertainment editor Nuala Hafner was about to ask.

Hafner began her question asking “Who’s your favourite Australian …”

Afraid that Perry was being asked to name her favourite Australian designer, the manager pulled the plug on the interview, literally.

This overreaction spurs from Katy Perry legal battle over her name with Australian fashionista Katie Perry, and no doubt was her manager afraid of where the answer may lead.

However as it turns out, Hafner was merely going to ask who her favorite Australian artist was.

“We thought someone must have tripped over the lead to the lights but we later found out Katy’s manager pulled the plug because he thought I had asked an offensive question,” says Hafner. “Katy was just delightful and very keen to make amends. She calmed him down and, after several apologies, the interview resumed.”

Here’s a clip of the incident:

Source: TV Shark